Over the past few weeks the Junior Infants have been taking part in all sorts of activities relating to visiting the doctor, hospital and being healthy and active for example:

  • Role play the different personnel in a hospital and various departments. Role play a visit to a doctor/hospital and learn about prescriptions and medicines etc.  This was linked to safety around medicines etc
  • Children were given the task of designing and building a new hospital for their town, including waiting rooms, emergency theatres and hospital wards
  • Children made body parts and skeletons in the Playdoh area
  • They made and wrote ‘Get Well Soon’ cards in the Literacy Area
  • Using a large floor map and mini figurines, they tracked people’s journey to and from the hospital and explored scenarios of why they needed to go to the hospital/emergency room in the first place
  • They completed simple puzzles and games with a focus of a hospital theme and many more activities

We had a visit from two Paramedics also and the children were given the opportunity to go into an ambulance and learn about lots of the equipment on board.