Our Project

We spent about 3 and a half months on this. First Max and I chose what to do our project on. I chose a farm because I’m interested in farming and my Dad works on a farm.

The first week we chose the size and shape of our wood then we started our design then we started to cut pieces of wood and make it into shape. First we decided to build the cow shed while we were doing this I learned u have to be precise we did not spend a cent on this project everything was from the school that was going in the bin. For the metal fence we used a tray for the oven. Phil helped us a lot in this project and taught us about being safe around tools. Once we finished everything we chose our colours to paint everything my favourite part was cutting the wood and using the drill. I chose to paint the big shed green and the cow shed a orange type of red the whole farm turned out amazing. This project encouraged me to start thinking about what I’m throwing out and encouraged me even more to do wood work.

By Daniel Philpott

We spent 3 ½ months on our project. We finished it on the 3/2/20. I chose a car-park to store all my toy cars. Daniel choose a farm because his dad works on a farm. Phil the school caretaker helped us. I brought in the toy cars. We used wood, plastic, glue and paint. What I enjoyed about it that it was fun. I learned that you need to be precise and that you have to measure. I found the sawing tough but fun. It encouraged me to do woodwork in the future.

By Max Colombet