A Christmas Tale

christmas tale

The Lost Present by Lilly Rose December 2017

At the workshop Santa was getting ready to leave so he put on his red and white coat and hat and pants. While Santa was getting ready to leave, the elves were finishing off all the toys. While everyone was working, Mrs Claus was baking cookies in the kitchen for the elves and Santa. Then Mrs Claus was getting a suck sweet out of a jar to give to baby Elizabeth Claus, who was their baby. Everyone was putting the toys in the sacks while Mrs Claus was baking cookies for the journey. While Santa was getting Elizabeth out of her room, Mrs Claus was getting lots of suck sweets for her because she was going with Santa all around the world to deliver all the presents to the boys and girls.

When Santa was back at the North Pole he looked at his phone to check how many presents he had delivered. Elizabeth Claus kept sucking on her suck sweet.  He realised that he missed one. It belonged to Lilly, who really wanted a bike for Christmas. He rushed to the sleigh with Elizabeth Claus in his arms. He got the bike from the workshop and put it in the sleigh. He rushed to the house and went down the chimney with Elizabeth in his arms. While he was putting the bike under the tree, Elizabeth was sitting on the bike sucking a suck sweet. Santa left, forgetting the baby.

The next morning, Lilly woke up with excitement in her head. She ran downstairs, looked under the tree and she saw her present with the baby on top of it. She lifted the baby up and for a second she thought it was a doll but it moved by sucking a suck sweet. She knew it was Santa’s baby because she was wearing a jumper that said “Santa’s baby”.

Santa went to Elizabeth’s room trying to wake her up. He realised she wasn’t there so he quickly thought about where she was. He ran to the sleigh figuring out where she was. He got all the reindeer and went to Lilly’s house. While Lilly and her family were having Christmas dinner, he took the baby and left a note saying “Thank you for minding my baby. P.S. Santa wrote this.”

Santa and Elizabeth went back to the North Pole. Mrs Claus gave Elizabeth a suck sweet and Santa put Elizabeth on the couch and she went to sleep because she was really tired, after all she had been out twice. Lilly went to the sitting room to try and find the baby but she found the note instead. She was very excited that Santa wrote to her so she sent a letter to him saying “you’re welcome for minding your baby”. After that, Santa and Elizabeth wrote to each other every day.