Senior Infants have been very busy during our time at home. We have been making ‘Thank You’ cards and posters for all the Frontline staff. We are so grateful to everybody who is working on the Frontline helping us every day. Not all superheroes wear capes!

We have been busy building and designing bridges, our dream homes and pet homes, using any types of materials that we could find at home. We know it is important to spend lots of time in the fresh air and we have been having lots of fun making bug hotels and thinking of ways to help our environment.

We have also had lots of time to carry out some easy fun science experiments. We are really enjoying exploring and experimenting and being real Scientists.


We are reading every day and practicing our sounds and tricky words. We are remembering to help our families out as much as possible. We know it’s a very busy time for them too. While we miss coming to school every day, we know this won’t be forever and we will get to see our friends soon. 

Take care and stay safe.

Senior Infants 2020