Sports Code Of Conduct

sports conduct

How I treat Myself

· If I play below my best but try my best, I should not blame myself for a defeat.  A defeat, the same as a victory, is brought about by a team.

  • It is easy to be good at sport; it takes great courage to be a great sportsperson
  • I will dress appropriately with correct sports gear, ready to play.


Players from opposing teams

  • I will shake hands with the other team after the match
  • I will treat our opponents with respect and thank them for the game
  • I will not deliberately hit or trip an opponent
  • I will not lose my temper


Our Own Team Coaches

  • I will respect my coach/manager/rep
  • I will accept the decision of the referee even if disagree
  • I will not use bad language
  • I will not be cheeky or back answer my own team coaches
  • I will listen to and respect the coach/manager/rep when they are speaking


Supporters & Coaches of other Teams

  • I will respect adults and coaches from other teams
  • I will not use bad language
  • I will wish them well if I meet them after a game


Fellow Players

  • I will respect our fellow players and treat them as part of a team
  • I understand that the team includes the players and the substitutes
  • I will show loyalty to everyone on our team
  • I will encourage my team-mates and support them, even when they make mistakes
  • I will remember my team-mates are always trying their best
  • I will remember to play as a team, not as an individual



  • I will respect the referee as he/she is in charge of the match
  • I will never give cheek or use bad language towards the referee
  • I will remember that I can never change a referee’s decision. If I do not agree with a decision I should not give out, sulk or blame other people. Instead, I will get on with the game
  • I will shake hands with the referee and thank her/him after the game.


I understand that if I wish to take part in a sports activity organized by St. John the Baptist NS, I must  agree to follow the above Code of Conduct. If I do not follow this code I will not be allowed to take part in sports activities or represent the school.


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